Matcha for Baking and Dessert

We received lots of question regarding how to select matcha for baking. Here are some guidelines on how to select your matcha.


There is no best matcha for baking, because it depends on your preference. Some prefer strong bitter taste, some prefer strong Matcha sweetness, some focus more on color etc. Table below list down some of the matcha characteristics for our matcha products.


matcha for baking


Recommendation :

  • If you are looking for matcha with strong bitterness, you may go for Kazumi, Fuji or Shizuoka Matcha
  • If you are looking for matcha with good color and good matcha fragrance, go for Mori (You may use higher then suggested amount if you prefer stronger flavor).
  • If you are looking for matcha with balance between bitterness, color and matcha fragrance, go for Meiko or Premium Daily Matcha.
  • Matsu and Samidori will be great for dessert and baking, but it's not cost effective.

Tips for better color : Add some white chocolate into your ingredient will enhance the matcha color.


Tips for stronger flavor : Add more than suggested matcha amount into your ingredient, this will gives you stronger matcha flavor.