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Kazumi Culinary Uji Matcha 100g

Kazumi Culinary Uji Matcha 100g

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  • Origin : Uji, Kyoto Japan 
  • Packaging : 100g
  • 100% Pure Natural Matcha Powder, no addtive
  • Muslim Friendly (Contains no meat and no alcohol)
  • Shelf Life : 8-12 months 
  • Mostly used for baking, cooking, jam and dessert making

Kazumi matcha is produced from 100% Tencha from Uji, Japan, it's our most famous Matcha for food applications such as Matcha jam, soft-serve etc.

It's also widely use by business such as Cafe and restaurants. Most of our business customers use this Matcha for dessert making. Part of our customers use this Matcha for their food manufacturing such as matcha candy, biscuits etc.

Kazumi is our lowest cost Matcha which many sellers are selling at much higher price. Compare to Shizuoka Matcha, this matcha has comparable color but slightly less matcha taste in term of taste profile. Many business customers use this for their food products such as soft-serve, desserts, jam etc.

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