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Recipe : Matcha Latte

Latte actually means "milk" in Italian, matcha latte is milk blend with matcha.

Why you should make your own matcha latte instead of getting instant powder? Because in general instant powder contain only less than 5% of matcha powder, most of the ingredients are sugar, skim milk powder, flavoring etc. For both health and taste reasons, you should make your own matcha latte with good matcha powder.

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(This recipe does not use sugar as it's meant for healthy beverage. Matcha latte from restaurants or cafe uses sugar and other additives. The flavour of this Matcha latte may not be same from what you have in restaurant). 

Steps to make matcha latte:

1. Heat up milk to about 70C. Use milk frother if possible to make foam.

2. Take about 1g of Daily Matcha or Meiko Matcha and put it into a cup. (Sifting matcha is recommended).

3. Add about 30ml water (about 70C) into the cup, and whisk (with matcha whisk if possible).

matcha latte


4. Your cup should be about 1/3 filled with matcha tea. Now add milk (without foam) into the cup until 95% full.


5. Now add milk foam on the top.

matcha latte foam


6. Enjoy

matcha latte


We often receive email from customers asking which matcha is the best for matcha latte. There is no best answer becase it all depend on your own preference. Low grade Matcha has more grassy and bitter taste, while high grade has lower bitterness but more Matcha aroma and flavour.

Besides, it also depend on your own recipe. If you add more sugar or creamer, you need Matcha with higher bitterness. If you prefer low or no sugar, Premium Daily, Meiko or Premium ceremonial grade Matcha are good for you.