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Bamboo Whisk 80 Prong

Bamboo Whisk 80 Prong

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Must Have Tool In Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony

Bamboo whisk (Chasen) is one of the most important Matcha accessories in Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chado). The fine tines of the whisk allow Matcha powder to be balance and thoroughly dissolved in water, and well-frothed (bubble).


Frequently Asked Questions From Customer:

How do I prepare matcha with whisk?

  • Add 2 scoop of matcha into matcha bowl, then add 80ml hot water (not boiling) into the matcha bowl.
  • Whisk in a "M" or "W" motion until well-frothed (light foam covers the top).  

Do I really need a whisk?

  • Whisk is useful for incorporating water and air evenly in matcha tea. But even without a whisk, one still can prepare matcha. But there will be lumps in your matcha tea. Bamboo whisk can help break the lumps when you whisk matcha.

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