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Why Drink Matcha Instead of Coffee

Coffee has become one of the most popular drink in the world, it's mainly because of the great taste as well as the health benefits. But when compare to matcha, there are many good reasons why you should drink matcha everyday instead of coffee.


1. Matcha has better energy profile

The caffeine in both matcha and coffee do boost our energy level. However, caffeine in coffee will cause an adrenaline glucose spike that will turn to some uncomfortable event such as jitter, nervous especially for non-frequenct drinkers. Caffeine in matcha, is being released slowly to the body, which will results in increase alertness, increase concentration. There is no spike in adrelanine glucose level, no jitteriness and nervous.

matcha vs coffee energy level


2. Health Benefits.

Coffee has health benefits too. But compare to matcha, there is no comparison here, matcha is much more nutricious compare to coffee. Matcha has many nutrients that coffee does not has, such as L-theanine which help in promoting good mood.

 matcha vs coffee nutrient table


3. Anti-oxidants.

Matcha has much higher anti-oxidants which make matcha much more useful in anti-aging, skincare and other beauty impact.


4. Good matcha tea is easier to prepare

To prepare a good matcha tea (not instant coffee or matcha), you don't need any machine or complicated step. Just simple matcha accessories like described in our matcha tea preparation articles. But for good coffee, you need much more complicated tool or machinery tools.


5. Matcha has no bad breath.

Coffee has bad coffee breath, enough said.


6. Matcha is proven help in weight loss, boost metabolism


Maybe you should slowly replacing your coffee with matcha tea, try 2-3 days per week as starter, we believe you will feel the different. Take a look at our premium daily matcha, it's for everyday matcha tea.

If you love black coffee without sugar, you can try brew sugarless matcha tea with our ceremonial grade matcha.