Premium Grade Daily Matcha

Premium Grade Daily Matcha
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We recently upgrade this Daily matcha to a better first flush matcha, with better color, better taste and very good aroma. For those who prefer higher bitterness, you may try our Meiko Uji matcha.

Matcha For Everyday

  • Origin : Nishio, Japan (Nishio and Uji produce the best matcha in the world)
  • Package Size : 30g (30 servings).
  • 100% Natural Pure Matcha Powder
  • Produced from FIrst Flush Tencha Tea Leaves

Note: This is 100% pure matcha powder, no sugar added. (Not instant powder)

Contains 100% pure matcha powder. Premium grade Daily Matcha mainly is used for making matcha latte or blending with your favourite drink such as coffee or smoothies etc. It can be used to make thin tea (Usucha), it has lower umami (pleasant plant sweetness) as compared to ceremony grade matcha. If you prefer a sugarless matcha latte (made with low or no sugar milk), you might want to try our Midori Matcha, which is ceremonial grade and has high amount of umami.

Premium grade Matcha is higher quality, below the ceremony grade Matcha. It's produced with tea leaves which are closer to the tip. Therefore it has good amount of umami (loan word from Japanese, meaning pleasant savory taste). 

Other than good tea taste, it also has fragrance mellow aroma which is a good indication this matcha is high grade matcha.

premium matcha grade comparison

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Oftern Asked By Our Customers:

Is this instant powder product with sugar like instant coffee powder?

No, our matcha product is 100% pure matcha, no sugar added.


Can I drink matcha everyday?

Definitely. Matcha is a very healthy drink, you can have matcha a few times a day.


How do I prepare matcha tea?

Read our post on matcha Thick tea and Thin Tea.


Can I use Cafe grade matcha for making thick tea?

Cafe grade matcha has lower umami sweetness level than ceremony grade matcha, normally it's not recommended for making thick tea (Koicha). But you can always try it for your own, there is no strict rule in making matcha tea.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Fast delivery and received in good condition. No bitter after taste . Good matcha.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Taste not bitter and quite smooth, the aftertaste is not bitter which is surprisingly good. Bought some matcha at higher price from other shop, the aftertaste is more bitter.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Good matcha. good taste and aroma
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Good matcha. Bought this and the ceremonial grade matcha, very good quality and very reasonable price. I was very curious because the price here consider cheap if compare to matcha bought from Japan, I thought just like many other seller outside, selling low quality matcha but claim high grade. But surprisingly the matcha is good, especially the ceremonial grade. I will say outside (branded shop) will sell this at double or triple price at least.The packaging is good too, very nice Japanese style metal box, and i got it for every 30g packaging. Customer service is good too. Hope to see more product range in the future.One down side is the shipping company, Pos Laju always has problem, consider switch to other shipping company in future.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Received in good condition, love the packaging. Bought ceremony and cafe grade, both taste great in my coffee, ceremony grade has less astringency taste and good aroma.

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