Imperial Ceremony Grade Matcha

Imperial Ceremony Grade Matcha
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Imperial Matcha is now replaced with Matsu Matcha which is higher grade Matcha with same price.

Extraordinary Matcha For Tea Drinkers

Imperial Ceremony grade matcha is suitable for making Koicha (thick tea) because of its high umami and no bitterness. It's the highest grade of matcha which used in Japanese Matcha ceremony. Imperial Matcha has very fragrance mellow aroma.

Our ceremony matcha is cultivated and produced in Nishio, Aichi Prefecture Japan. Nishio is considered the ideal region for matcha cultivation. Nishio has gentle climate, fertile soil, remote and elevated (600m), these all contribute to a excellent quality of matcha and maximum nutrients. In facts, Nishio is a famous tea cultivation region dated back to 12th Century. Our Daily Matcha is come from Nishio too. Tea leaves are handpicked and only selected good quality Tencha tea leaves are used to produce this Matcha.

Ceremony Matcha is produced from the tip of the tea leaves, which has the lowest astringency and the highest umami (loan word from Japanese, meaning pleasant savory sweetness taste). The production of this Matcha is limited and only once a year. (Read what is Umami). Many similar or lower grade Matcha in the market are selling at over RM100.

  • Origin : Nishio, Japan
  • Package Size : 30g (30 servings).
  • 100% Natural Pure Fine Stone-mill Ground Matcha Powder
  • Produced from Top Grade First Flush Tencha Tea Leaves
  • Very limited production, only produced from top grade tea leaves
  • Muslim Friendly (Contains no meat and no alcohol)

matcha color and umami comparison

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Frequently Asked by Our Customer

How do I prepare thin tea (thin tea) and thick tea (Koicha) ?

Usu-cha is the most famous way of tasting matcha. Add 1.5g - 2g of matcha powder (about 2 scoop with matcha scoop) into 60ml of water (about 70 degree celcius). Whisk matcha with bamboo whisk until frothed. When matcha covered with foam, it taste milder.

Koicha is 4 times thicker than Usu-cha. In a formal tea ceremony, Koicha is served after the Kaiseki meal. Add 3-4g (about 4 scoop with matcha scoop) into 30ml of hot water (70 degree celcius). Whisk matcha until it mixed with water evenly.

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Does this Ceremony Grade Matcha taste bitter?

Our top grade ceremony matcha has almost no taste of bitterness. It's produced from the buds of Tencha which has the highest level of umami (loan word from Japanese, meaning pleasant savory taste). No bitterness doesn't mean no matcha taste, this is misconception. It has good amount of vegetal matcha taste but low bitterness.


Can I use this matcha for cooking or make dessert?

Ceremony matcha has more sweetness and the taste is not as strong as kitchen grade matcha, it still can be used for cooking or dessert making, but the taste will not be as strong. Ceremony grade matcha can be used to make latte or smoothies.


Does Matcha has caffeine?

Yes, matcha has caffeine. However the impact is different compare to other caffeine drinks such as coffee. Caffeine in coffee is absorbed into blood much faster and create energy spikes. Caffeine in matcha are absorbed slowly (up to 8 hours). Therefore, the negative impact from coffee caffeine is not related to caffeine in matcha.


What is the expiry date?

Just like many other tea products, Matcha does not get "spoiled", you can still consume it after years. But matcha does have a "Best before" date. It's to indicate the date matcha has the best taste.

Our matcha has 1 year of "best before" date starting from date of purchase (Not opened). But once the packaging is opened, please consume it within 3-4 months to enjoy the best taste.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Great Matcha. So smooth and no bitterness at all and great aroma. Much cheaper compare to same grade of Matcha bought in Japan and fast shipping.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Got this a couple of days ago and have to say it's the best matcha I've had in Malaysia. Similar to the ones we had in Japan and the price is reasonable for such a high quality product
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Compare to matcha bought from supermarket, the taste is really big different. Love this matcha, down side is price quite high, but compare to the price in Japan, still much cheaper. I bought similar grade at Japan at RM100+ for 30g. Please expand your product range, would love to see more matcha products. fast shipping, good service, and receive in good condition.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Made matcha tea with 2 full scoop of matcha, with 100ml hot water. The color look so dark green, thought it would be taste bitter. Surprisingly it taste almost no bitterness, very good for making matcha tea.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Great matcha. I made thin tea with the accessories bought here, a very pleasant experience. too bad no sifter sold here.

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