Recipe : Matcha Sponge Cake


Ingredients : Cheese 150g, butter 100g, milk 150g, kitchen grade matcha 6g, corn powder 20g, cake fluor 15g, egg york 40g, fine sugar 35g, egg white 120g, course sugar 70g

 If you prefer good color, go for higher grade such as Classic or ceremonial grade matcha.


  1. Blend and mix cheese, butter and milk together evenly
  2. Sift matcha, corn powder and cake flour, then add into the blend from step 1. 
  3. Then add egg york and fine sugar
  4. Blend egg white with course sugar, then add into the blend from step 3
  5. Pour the blend from step 4 into cake mould, put in oven for 30 minutes at 150 degree Celsius.