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Uji Matcha Supplier

Uji Matcha is one of the most famous Matcha in Japan and the world. There are many food manufacturer, restaurants, bakeries are looking for good Uji Matcha. But do you know that Uji is just a tiny region in Japan that can only produce very small amount of Matcha every year? The question is, how can the Matcha produced in Uji enough to supply the whole world? The answer is "it can't". 


There are many Matcha selling in the market, even from famous brand, are not from Uji but claim to be from Uji. In fact, Matcha from different region has its own unique characteristics, it may or may not suitable for your food application. The best Matcha is the matcha that works well with your recipe, not the most famous Matcha or the highest grade Matcha. 


Our Uji Matcha such as Meiko, Midori and Kazumi are purely from Uji region. We work directly with the tea manufacturer to get Tencha only from tea farms in Uji. Currently we supply to hundreds of customers from cafe, restaurants, bakeries, food seller and manufacturers across different region such as Klang Valley, KL , Penang, East Malaysia.

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