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Japanese Matcha Testing and Comparison

matcha uji nishio testing and comparison


During our products selection process, we tasted many matcha from different region. This post is about the selection process and the comparison among few matcha.

Before we go further, can you guess which matcha in the picture above is the highest grade?



Matcha A is the highest grade among 6 matcha above.

Matcha details:

  • A - Uji, Top grade ceremony matcha, only produced 20KG per year. The Royal family of Japan is taking this matcha. Price about RM190 per 30g.
  • B - Uji, Ceremony grade matcha. Price about RM101 per 30g.
  • C - Uji, Tea house grade matcha. Price about RM76 per 30g.
  • D - Nishio, Ceremony grade matcha. Price about RM75 per 30g.
  • E - Uji, Cafe grade matcha. Price about RM66 per 30g
  • F - Uji, Kitchen grade matcha. Price about RM36 per 30g.



From one of our blog post, we understand that higher grade matcha has more vibrant and greener colour. By looking at the picture above, we can know that A is the highest grade, followed by matcha D, then matcha B, C, E and F.


After we tasted all of them, we found that matcha A has almost no bitterness or atringency, it's the best matcha we've ever tasted. Unfortunately the price for this matcha is extremely high, not suitable for ordinary consumer market especially in Malaysia. Followed by matcha D, it has very low level of astringency, almost no bitterness. Matcha B, C, D and E has quite obvious bitterness and astringency, with B has lowest and E has the most bitterness.


After comparison on several aspects, we decided to source Matcha D as our ceremony grade matcha. Matcha D has very high level of sweetness, low level of astringency which make it suitable for matcha tea. Besides, its aroma is one of the best from many matcha we've tasted.


On the other hand, matcha D has very good price to quality ratio, therefore we are able to provide very good matcha at very reasonable price. Although matcha A and D has similar quality (A is slighly better), but matcha A is 3 times more expensive.


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