Notice Board

Date : 17/3/2018

Thanks for the support from all our customers. Recently we receive a feedback mentioned that the matcha quality is slightly different compare to previous purchase. Matcha quality could be slightly different depending on the tea leaf batch, machine used for grinding etc. Due to large production activity, different machine could be used to product the same Matcha. We always request factory to use the same machine to maintain the same quality, but it's difficult for us to control.

We hope to get understanding from our customers and please feel free to feedback to us if you have any concern.


Date : 15/3/2018

Our latest shipment is held by government agency for checking purpose, this normally take few days to few weeks depend on the schedule. We will try our best to speed up the process. We advise business customers make order with us at least 2 weeks before you need it, sometime we may not be able to fulfill urgent order in case of shipment delay.