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Why Matcha Turn Brown When Baked

If you know about Matcha, you should know that Matcha turns brown when exposed to heat or air. When it comes to baking, many experienced Matcha turn brown when baked and not sure why. Here are some information that we think might be useful for you which may help you in creating a green color Matcha cake. 


  • It depend on what you are mixing the Matcha with. Some ingredients will enhance the Matcha color, such as white chocolate. Using more sugar will cause matcha turn brown.
  • Matcha does not like heat. Prolonged baking time will cause Matcha turns brown. Do control the oven temperature, setting temperature too high will cause matcha turn brown too. Enzymatic browning that was occurring during the matcha’s exposure to heat during baking.


Some matcha products in the market added extra ingredients to maintain the green color, therefore you will notice that some matcha will still remain green when baked. But whether if you want these extra ingredients in your matcha, that's something you may want to consider.

We will add more information to this article after we do more experiments in our kitchen. If you are looking for matcha for baking, visit our culinary matcha section.