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Japanese Matcha and Radiation

Japanese matcha radiation concern


Some of our customers ask about the radiation concern of Japanese matcha. Actually there is nothing to worry about, let us tell you why.


  • First of all, our matcha products are all grown far from the Fukushima area. Especially our premium and ceremonial grade matcha, they are all grown in Uji and Nishio. There is no radiation detected in tea leaf from Nishio and Uji.
  • Japan has much stricter radiation limit compare to the rest of the world. Japan's radiation limit is 100Bq, while EU and USA are 500Bq and 1200Bq respectively
  • As of August 2014 (3 years after earthquake), no prefecture has detected with high level of radiation in tea leaf.
  • According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan, radiation level get dilluted to 1/30 times when brewd in water
  • On March 2014, EU loosen the import regulation on Japan's tea products. Certificate of origin for tea products is no longer required for Japanese tea products.The EU reported that, “ tea from the third growing season has not been found to be contaminated by radioactivity. It is therefore appropriate to no longer require sampling and analysis of tea, originating from prefectures other than Fukushima, before export to the Union.”
  • Singapore AVA declare that food from Japan is safe. On 31 May 2014, AVA Singapore eased import restrictions by removing the need for pre-export test certificates for Japanese tea products. [Link]
    • We have a valid import license from AVA to import matcha into Singapore.