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Green Tea Powder vs Matcha

Do you know Matcha is one of green tea powders, but green tea powder not necessary Matcha powder?

Matcha is high quality powder which produced from grinding Tencha into fine powder. Tencha is grown in similar way as Gyokuro (Highest grade green tea), it has high level of sweetness and lower level of astringency. Therefore real matcha has low level of astringency (bitterness) and high level of Umami (sweetness).


Green tea powder, most of the time is produced from low grade tea leaf such as bancha. Lower grade tea leaves are not grown in shaded farm, therefore it has high astringency (bitterness).


There are many green tea powder in the market are sold as matcha, and many of them are come from China, Korea and Thailand, which sold at very low price. Customers need to be aware of these products.


In Matcha Malaysia, we sell only quality true matcha products from Japan only.