Matcha Milk Jam Recipe

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matcha milk jam


Matcha milk jam is a delicious spread but not always available in the marketplace. Here we provide some simple steps to create matcha milk jam yourselves.


Ingredients :



  • Put 100ml hot water (not boiling) into a cup, add 10g matcha into the cup and fully dissolve it (recommend sift matcha first).
  • Add cream, matcha tea and sugar into the milk
  • Stir and let all ingredients mix evenly
  • Bring the mixture to a boil and stir it constantly for about 15-20 minutes until the mixture thickens
  • Enjoy

4 Comment(s)

16/04/2016, 08:10:13 PM

thanks for the recipe,look delicious.

16/04/2016, 11:06:53 PM

Hello ija, you are welcome. Do share with us if you make your own matcha jam. :)

07/08/2016, 04:27:42 PM

How to eliminate bitter taste of green tea? Make it taste like kitkat green tea.

10/08/2016, 11:30:05 AM

Hi Fika, in this case you may want to add more sugar, or use higher grade matcha. Normally add more sugar is a better approach.

29/09/2016, 03:23:22 PM

Hi, around how long is the shelf life of matcha milk jam made from this recipe?

29/09/2016, 04:58:06 PM

Hi Josephina, the shelf life is mainly depending on the milk and cream added, especially milk has short shelf life. Please keep it in fridge.

12/10/2016, 05:42:57 PM

Okay, thank you. And thanks for posting this recipe.

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