Matcha Malaysia - Best Japanese Matcha Green Tea From Uji Nishio

Imperial Ceremony Grade Matcha -11%
Extraordinary Matcha For Tea DrinkersImperial Ceremony grade matcha is suitable for making Koich..
RM89 RM79
Based on 6 reviews.

We recently upgrade this Daily matcha to a better first flush matcha, with better color, better tast..
Based on 10 reviews.

Roasted Green Tea PowderOrigin : Kyoto, Japan Packaging : 30g / 100g resealable foil packin..
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Origin : Uji, Kyoto Japan 100% Matcha powder, no additive Sterilized Matcha Muslim Friendly..
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Premium Ceremonial Kagoshima Organic Matcha -17%
Origin : Kagoshima, Japan Organic certified Packaging : 30g with Washi Tea Canister Suitabl..
RM118 RM98

Origin : Shizuoka, Japan 100% Pure Matcha powder, no additive Resealable Pouch Muslim Frien..

Must Have Tool In Japanese Matcha Tea CeremonyBamboo whisk (chasen) is one of the most important..
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Matcha bamboo scoop (Chashaku) is the best way to measure the Matcha powder amount. Chashaku is a mu..

Matcha whisk is very fragile, therefore a whisk holder is required to maintain the shape of whisk an..

Mino-Yaki Sakura Matcha Bowl -25%
Made in Japan 9.5 x 6.5cm Made with Mino-Yaki traditional art techniqueMino-yaki is cer..
RM79 RM59

Origin : Kyoto Size : 50g (~20 servings) Ingredients : Roasted brown rice and green tea Fla..

Origin : Kyoto, Japan Size : 30g (~15 servings), packed in Washi Tea Canister Handpicked firs..
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Origin : Kyoto, Japan Size : 50g (~25 servings) First flush tea Shade-grown for 10 days..

Origin : Kyoto Size : 50g (~25 servings) Sencha tea leaf blend with Uji MatchaSencha is..

Uji Matcha Supplier

Uji Matcha Supplier

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