Matcha for Tea

Matcha for Tea

Matcha for tea is Matcha that produced from highest grade tea leaves. Only first flush and the youngest tea leaves are used to produce these ceremonial grade matcha. Therefore it has highest level of pleasant umami sweetness and the lowest level of astringency (bitterness). 

On the other hand, all our ceremonial matcha are from Nishio. Nishio produce the best matcha powder in the world because of its ideal weather, terrain and many other factors.

Matcha from this category are suitable for making Japanese matcha tea directly, either Usucha (thin tea) or Koicha (thick tea). It's great for making matcha latte too but normally it's used for sugarless matcha drink.

Our guide on How to Make Matcha Tea.

These Matcha has the highest level of umami (Japanese word meaning pleasant plant sweetness) because of high quality tea leaves are used to make these Matcha. Ceremony Grade Matcha has very low or no bitterness with delicious matcha flavor, make it a delicious drink for almost everyone. It's great for those who want to practice Japanese tea ceremony.

Matcha has lot of health benefits, read about it here.

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