Matcha for Kitchen

Matcha for Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, higher grade matcha doesn't mean better matcha for your recipe. Matcha for kitchen are Matcha that has stonger flavour, allowing the matcha flavour to stand out when mixed with other ingredients. In general they are suitable for confectionery, baking, making dessert and dishes. 

Matcha from this category are not recommended for making sugarless matcha drink because of its strong taste and lower amount of umami. But it's still good for sweet drink such as matcha latte, add to smoothies, coffee or as dessert topping.

Kitchen grade matcha are produced with high quality mature tea leaf, therefore it has stronger refreshing matcha green tea taste, make it an ideal choice for culinary.

All of them are good for baking, dessert or sweet beverages. It really depend on personal taste to know which matcha is good for you.

Read our matcha buying guide.

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