How to Store Matcha

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Matcha is a very fine and delicate, it has mellow aroma and pleasant sweetness. On the other hand, it's quite "fragile" and will degrade over time. Matcha does not "spoilt" or "expired", it will only degrade and the taste become bitter and color turn brown, but you still can consume it.


There are 5 enemies of matcha : Heat, Humidity, Air, Light, and Smell. Store your matcha in a place that away from these 5 elements.

  • Heat: Keep in your matcha away from heat source such as microwave, oven, behind the fridge etc. Keep in the fridge or cool place.
  • Air : Make your your matcha packaging is air tight, always keep it in an air tight container.
  • Light : Use light-proof container to store your matcha. We saw many other matcha seller store their matcha in transparent bag, this is definitely a NO.
  • Humidity : Always keep matcha in a dry place. If you store your matcha in the fridge, make sure you keep it in an air tight container, and wait it warm up to room temperature before opening the container to avoid water form inside the container.
  • Smell : Keep away from strong smell


Picture below shows comparison between Shizuoka matcha expose to air for 3 days (right) and fresh Shizuoka matcha (left).


matcha oxidized color

Matcha expose to air will get oxidized pretty quick, make sure you store your matcha in air tight container.


For unopened matcha packaging, matcha can be stored for a year to 1.5 year at lower temperature. If you don't plan to use it for quite a long time, keep it in the freezer.

For opened package/can, consume it within 3 months for it's best taste. If you plan to keep it for long time, keep it in the freezer with air tight container, advised to open the package/can only after it warm up to room temperature.


5 Comment(s)

23/02/2017, 03:59:27 PM

I would like to buy green tea as to reduce weight. Which is the most suitable for me if I would like to have my tea with hot milk? Can I have the tea as my dinner or should I just have it before bed?

24/02/2017, 10:15:16 PM

Hi Novita,For weight loss, we recommend you drink without adding sugar, therefore higher grade is suitable (Premium Daily, Midori, Imperial etc). If you want to mix with milk, lower grade is fine. If you want something in the middle, Premium Daily is a good choice. You can drink matcha at anytime, but we normally do not recommend drink matcha before bed, as matcha has caffeine and you may not feel sleepy for few hours after drinking matcha.

Lee Liu Cheow:
28/02/2017, 02:24:18 PM

i would like to seek for 500g kazumi matcha packaging, is that available ?

01/03/2017, 10:31:00 AM

Hi Lee, currently we do not have 500g packaging. you may check out our 1kg Kazumi at RM199.

12/07/2017, 10:28:16 PM

Hi, if I want to drink green tea powder plain without adding any others beside water, mainly purpose for slimming, then for health purpose, which one is recommended? And should I use it with 100°c hot water or <60°c hot water? Cz I see different type of green tea said different temperature. Not sure which temperature is the correct one for it's best purpose[Reply] Hi, normally low grade green tea brew with higher temperature. Matcha is high grade green tea just like Gyokuro, it should be brewed at 60C water. For drinking, we suggest you try ceremonial grade or Premium Daily Matcha.

08/09/2017, 11:44:08 PM

Hi , which matcha is suitable to make a mask ? [Hi, all matcha are good for mask as long as you like the color and aroma, but for most cases, the cheapest matcha is used for making mask]

Mark Fallander:
24/01/2019, 02:47:55 PM

Hi, I just received my order from One x Meiko and 1 x Kazumi. I thought I would try the lesser quality first and mixed with my own home made soya bean milk. That way I could compare to the varieties and brands I have used previously. My apologies for the un-sophisticated way I drink matcha. Nevertheless there is nothing added to my soya susu. And nothing added when I made the 'tea'. I was surprised at the delicate flavour and pleasant non bitter taste. Thanks you.

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