Superior Shizuoka Matcha

Superior Shizuoka Matcha
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Matcha for The Chefs

Contains 100% matcha, no additives or preservative. Shizuoka Matcha is Matcha that suitable for preparing food in the kitchen, such as making dessert, baking, confectionery and so on. It's suitable for most of the application in cafe or restaurant.

Besides, it also suitable for blending with your coffee, smoothies, dessert or sweet beverages. The main different of this matcha is it has stronger matcha bitterness taste and lower umami compare to premium and ceremonial grade. Shizuoka still has umami taste which make it suitable for making drink besides baking and food making. 

Those who prefer stronger Matcha taste may pick this item. 

  • Origin : Shizuoka, Japan
  • Package Size : 30g (30 servings).
  • 100% Natural Pure Matcha Powder
  • Muslim Friendly (Contains no meat and no alcohol)
  • Halal certified for 1KG Pack. (Same Matcha for 30g packing but we do not apply Halal certificate for smaller packing)

‚Äčmatcha color and umami comparison

If you want to buy in larger quantity, you may check out Shizuoka 100g package.

Read our matcha buying guide.

Matcha has lot of health benefits, read Health Benefits of Matcha


Frequently Asked Question From Customers

Can I drink Kitchen grade matcha directly just like ceremonial grade matcha?

Yes. Other than it made from mature tea leaves, kitchen grade matcha making process is just like our ceremonial grade matcha or cafe grade matcha. Matcha made from mature tea leaves which has lower sweetness, it taste not as good compare to ceremonial grade if made into thick tea (Koicha). For casual brewing method, add 1g into 150ml hot water, it's still great to drink.


Why the price is much cheaper than ceremonial grade matcha, does it mean it's not pure matcha?

All our matcha are 100% pure matcha from Japan. This kitchen grade matcha is 100% pure matcha from Japan too. We do not compromise on our product quality for higher profit margin.


Where can I get recipe for matcha or green tea powder?

You may find matcha recipe in our blog section


Can I use kitchen grade matcha as cafe grade matcha to make matcha latte?

Yes, although it's recommended for kitchen uses, but one can always make matcha latte with kitchen grade matcha. In fact most of the matcha latte in the market use kitchen grade matcha to make matcha latte. We recommend you buy our cafe grade too to compare it with kitchen grade.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
The matcha lattes I make with this turn out very nicely. Just from the smell, you can tell that it's good. Nice green colour and strong, sweet smell.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Nice taste, I make matcha latte using this matcha powder, and I like the taste. Thanks for the nice packaging box too.

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