Holiday Notice : Order placed between 25th - 31st May will be processed after 3rd June


If you are running a small business need matcha supply continuously, or individual who consume matcha every month, this plan maybe suitable for you.


If you use matcha frequently, you should know that matcha degrade pretty fast and lose its freshness after few months. Our business philosophy is to provide the freshest matcha to our customer, so we do not keep large amount of stock and restock every few weeks. Therefore, there are cases our product will become out of stock for few days while waiting for restock.


Our subscription plan is tailored for those who want to make sure consistent matcha supply without interruption. We will pre-ordered matcha a week before to make sure you get your matcha ever month. Besides, you get 10% off on your total order if you order 6 months and above.


In order to subscribe, there are conditions to fulfill:

  • Only 100g package and above or ceremony grade matcha products
  • Minimum 3 pack, each per month (3 months)
  • We ship out our matcha to all our subsciption plan customers during 26th-28th every month.

​Click here to subscribe or contact us at for more information.