Fuji Matcha Green Tea Powder

Fuji Matcha Green Tea Powder
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  • Origin : Shizuoka, Japan
  • Size : 100g 
  • 100% Pure Green Tea, No additive
  • Halal certified by JIT Japan
  • Packaging : Plain packaging
  • Shelf Life : 15-24 months ( Storage guide )

Fuji is Matcha powder is lower grade powder that largely use by businesses and factories for matcha products in large scale.

Kakegawa is one of the Japan most popular tea production region. Fuji Matcha Green tea powder stronger flavour because of higher bitterness. This green tea powder is the best candidate for large green tea food production because of lower cost and stronger flavour, especially for green tea biscuit production. You may use this product for many other applications such as ice-cream, desserts, Matcha latte, biscuits etc.

Our Fuji Matcha green tea powder is produced by reputable farmers and manufacturer in Kakegawa, Japan. This product is being used widely in Japan and not available outside Japan previously.

Many customers think that strong bitterness is a characteristic of good Matcha, but in fact it's the other way round. If you are looking for low cost green tea powder for baking, this is what you need.


5 ( 5 / 5 )
Bought this on Sunday during the RMO and it arrived promptly on Tuesday! Well done on the efficient delivery. I am very happy I bought this matcha. It was the cheapest on the site so I wasn't expecting much but as soon as I opened the bag it smelled exactly like the green tea ice creams I had in Japan! Made green tea and it barely needed any milk. Will definitely purchase again in the future, going to bake some match cookies tomorrow :)

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