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  • Origin : Kyoto, Japan
  • Size : 50g (~25 servings)
  • First flush tea
  • Shade-grown for 10 days

Kabusecha is higher grade green tea, in between Gyokuro and Sencha. Kabusecha is shade-grown like Gyokuro. Shade-grown process reduce the astringency and increase the umami sweetness of the tea leaves. For Kabusecha, the shade-grown duration is half of Gyokuro, therefore the sweetness is lower than Gyokuro but higher than Sencha.

Kabusecha has both the refreshing taste of Sencha, and the sweetness of Gyokuro. Many tea merchants,even some famous brands in the market actually sell Kabusecha as Gyokuro, which is not right. We sell only pure Gyokuro and pure Kabusecha.

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