Genmaicha Green Tea

Genmaicha Green Tea
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  • Origin : Kyoto
  • Size : 50g (~20 servings)
  • Ingredients : Roasted brown rice and green tea
  • Flavour : Nutty brown rice flavour with refreshing tea leaf taste

Genmai in Japanese means "brown rice". Genmaicha is a tea blend of roasted brown rice and Japanese green tea. 

The blend between Genmai and tea leaf balances the astrigency with the nutty flavour of genmai. Normally Genmaicha is made with bancha, some higher grade use Sencha or even Gyokuro. Our Genmaicha use quality Sencha therefore it's much better than what you can normally get in Supermarket.

Genmaicha has low caffeine, make it suitable for drink at any hour. Genmaicha is normally suitable for tea beginner.

Brewing Instruction :

  • About 2.5-3g Genmaicha in 120ml water (about 90C)
  • Steep for 30 seconds




Does Genmaicha contains caffeine?

Yes, Genmaicha contains caffeine, but it has lower caffeine compare to other tea such as Sencha. 


Can I drink Genmaicha for fat loss?

Yes, Similar to other tea and Matcha, Genmaicha is a type of green tea, which has the benefits of helping fat loss. 


Should I use teapot to brew Genmaicha?

It would be great if you have tea pot. But normal cup is just fine.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Incredibly fragrant and delicious. Best genmaicha I've tried. I've started to develop a habit of making a cup after lunch. It refreshes the mind and body and prevents lethargy after a meal.

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