Genki Organic Ceremony Grade Matcha

Genki Organic Ceremony Grade Matcha
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Premium Matcha for Organic Tea Lover

  • Origin : Nishio, Japan
  • Package Size : 30g (30 servings) Foil with Japan Matcha canister packaging (Designed for Matcha, made in Japan)
  • 100% Natural Pure Fine Stone-mill Ground Matcha Powder
  • JAS Certified Organic
  • Produced from Top Grade First Flush Tencha Tea Leaves
  • Muslim Friendly (Contains no meat and no alcohol)
  • Shelf Life : 6-12 months ( Storage guide )

Our Genki organic matcha is a premium ceremony grade matcha that contains high level of umami (pleasant plant sweetness), ideal for making usucha (thin tea). The growing process of Genki Organic Matcha is strictly following the organic guideline of JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard), and certified by JAS.

Unlike other organic matcha has lower level of umami sweetness because the organic fertilizer used is not sufficient to obtain maximum umami. It's different case for our organic matcha, beause it's grown in Nishio. Nishio is blessed with fertile soil, ideal weather and elevation, make it an ideal place for matcha growing. Other than this, our matcha produced only with first flush tea leaves which has the highest quality.

We recommend this matcha for those who wants to make matcha tea without adding sugar, it has very low astrigency and high sweetness.

matcha color and umami comparison

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Question we often get from customers

1. What is the different between organic ceremonial grade and organic cafe grade?

They are both certified organic products. Organic ceremonial grade matcha is produced from the youngest tea leaves from first flush harvest, they have the highest level of umami (sweetness) and the lowest level of astringency (bitterness). Our ceremonial grade and cafe grade are suitable for making matcha tea without adding sugar, and ceremonial grade is more suitable for thicker tea. Cafe grade is made with more mature tea leave which has lower level of umami.


2. Can I make matcha latte with this ceremonial grade matcha?

Ofcourse, you can make matcha latte with any of our matcha powder, from ceremonial to kitchen grade. Matcha latte with ceremonial grade matcha has a very special umami taste which kitchen grade doesn't have.


3. Can I use ceremonial grade for cooking?

There is no rule saying that you can't, but it's not cost effective  :)


5 ( 5 / 5 )
Love love love the bright green color! Compared to other matcha I've bought online, grocer, supermarket... none of them had it this fresh and green and I have tried a lot. Buying my 2nd today.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Good smell and taste not bitter at all. Now only I know I have been buying bad Matcha at high price all the while. Please keep selling good product.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Really love it, taste is soooo different from the Uji Matcha I bought from supermarket. Will order again very soon.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
love this matcha, recommended to all my friends too
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Great matcha green tea, love the green colour.

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