Organic Shizuoka Matcha 100g

Organic Shizuoka Matcha 100g
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Organic Matcha for The Chef

  • Package : 100g (Accessories not included)
  • Origin : Japan
  • 100% Natural Pure Matcha Powder
  • USDA and JAS Certified Organic Matcha

Similar to our other organic matcha, this matcha is 100% pure matcha and certified organic product from Japan Agriculture Standard (JAS), grown under a strict organic standard. We provide this 100g packaging for those who want to buy in larger quantity for their kitchen use.

Similar to our other Shizuoka matcha, you can use this to blend with your dessert or favorite drink as well. This matcha is mainly for those who want to make organic food or organic drink. In fact, many restaurant use kitchen grade matcha to make green tea beverages, but we normally recommend ceremony grade for matcha tea because kitchen grade has lower sweetness. There is no rule in making matcha tea, you can alway prepare matcha tea with this matcha.

If you are not very sure. you can read our matcha buying guide to get some idea.

We have some recipe in our blog section, we will add recipe from time to time, please come back after sometime to check out our matcha food recipe.

matcha color and umami comparison

5 ( 5 / 5 )
This tea is great for my green tea latte. Can be mistaken for latte made by barista
5 ( 5 / 5 )
These organic SHizuoka Matcha powder are really good, the flavour is so great, the colour of the powder is like a light bright green, comparing to the matcha out there where is pale and deeper in colour which mean it is actually oxidized. Definitely worth the price !
4 ( 4 / 5 )
Good for my protein shake and milk latte, will buy again

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