Fuji Green Tea Powder 100g

Fuji Green Tea Powder 100g
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  • Origin : Shizuoka, Japan
  • Size : 100g 
  • 100% Pure Green Tea, No additive
  • Halal certified by JIT Japan
  • Packaging : Plain packaging

Our green tea powder is produced from late season Tencha tea leaves, which can be known as Matcha too. But because of its characteristic closer to green tea powder, we categorised this as green tea powder. 

Kakegawa is one of the Japan most popular tea production region. Green tea powder has very strong flavour because of high bitterness. This green tea powder is the best candidate for large green tea food production because of lower cost and stronger flavour, especially for green tea biscuit production. You may use this product for many other applications such as ice-cream, desserts, Matcha latte, biscuits etc.

Our green tea powder is produced by reputable farmers and manufacturer in Kakegawa, Japan. This product is being used widely in Japan and not available outside Japan previously.

Many customers think that strong bitterness is a characteristic of good Matcha, but in fact it's the other way round. If you are looking for low cost green tea powder for baking, this is what you need.


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