Matcha accessories are kits or tools that used in matcha ceremony or matcha drinking.

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Bamboo Whisk 80 Prong -38%
Must Have Tool In Japanese Matcha Tea CeremonyBamboo whisk (chasen) is one of the most important..
RM58 RM36
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Size : 8 (Diameter) x 4.5 (Height) cm HandmadeHigh quality elegant handmade matcha bowl f..
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Matcha bamboo scoop (Chashaku) is the best way to measure the Matcha powder amount. Chashaku is a mu..
Matcha bowl, also known as Chawan in Japanese, in one of the tools being used in Matcha tea ceremony..
Matcha Ceremony Basic Kit -25%
Basic Kit for Matcha TeaSet Include: (You save RM6 when you purchase this set)1x matcha (..
RM89 RM67
Admire the color and taste of matcha Dimension : 10.5 x 5.5 cm Withstand high temperat..
Matcha Tea Ceremony Essential Kit -11%
Tea Ceremony KitSet include:Ceremonial grade matcha 30g (Choose). Tin design is randomly ..
RM186 RM165
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Matcha whisk is very fragile, therefore a whisk holder is required to maintain the shape of whisk an..