Uji Gyokuro Green Tea

Uji Gyokuro Green Tea
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  • Origin : Uji, Kyoto Japan
  • Size : 50g (25 servings)
  • 20 days shade-grown Gyokuro tea leaves
  • First flush

Gyokuro is the finest green tea in Japan. The main characteristic of Gyokuro is high umami and low astringent (bitterness). Gyokuro is grown in similar way as Tencha (used to produced Matcha), therefore it has the delicacy of Matcha (Umami).

Gyokuro was first produced in Uji area. As the name suggest, this Gyokuro is grown and produced in Uji, Kyoto Japan. Gyokuro from Uji is known for its good aroma and sweet flavour. Gyokuro tea leaves are only harvested once a year during spring season.

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