Kazumi Uji Matcha 1KG Pack

Kazumi Uji Matcha 1KG Pack
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Recently we received feedback from customer regarding slight color different from previous purchase. We checked with the tea farm and factory regarding this issue. Different grinding machine and different tea batch (differrent year of harvest) could impact the color, and they are within the production range. As our Matcha has no coloring, the color will depend on the natural color of the tea leaves.

As we want to give customer fresh Matcha, we do not keep large amount of stock and order monthly, therefore customer may see very small different every month. Although this does not happen frequently, for customer who has very strict requirement on the color, please purchase higher grade Matcha such as Kaze or Meiko

  • Origin : Uji, Kyoto
  • Packaging : 1KG
  • 100% Pure matcha powder, no additive
  • Certified Halal

1KG packing for our Kazumi matcha.

For cafe and restaurants who has long term usage, please contact us for wholesale pricing.


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