Kaze Uji Matcha

Kaze Uji Matcha
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  • Origin : Uji, Japan
  • 100% Pure Matcha powder, no additive
  • Halal Certified in Japan for 1KG pack

Kaze is our another grade of culinary Matcha. For those who are looking for lower grade culinary matcha, but wish to have some good matcha umami, this may be what you need. 

Similar to our Kazumi and Meiko, Kaze Uji Matcha is also from Uji, Kyoto. Kaze has higher umami than Kazumi, but lower than Meiko. In other words, Kaze has richer matcha flavor than Kazumi, but less than Meiko. Unlike other kitchen grade matcha in the market which has only bitterness taste, Kaze matcha has some mellow umami taste.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the main advantage compare to Kazumi (cheapest Uji Matcha) ?

Kaze has richer Matcha flavor and aroma compare to Kazumi. 


Can I use this for drinking?

For drinking, we recommend to make matcha latte or other dessert beverages. We do no recommend drink as usucha (thin tea, pure matcha tea) because it has stronger and bitter flavor which could be "unfriendly" for most of us.


What is the best application for this Matcha?

Matcha latte, desserts, baking and other food preparation. 

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