Matcha Frequently Asked Questions

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We often receive inquiry from customers asking about matcha. We compile some of the most asked questions here to share with all our customers and readers.


1. I want to make matcha cake / Ice-cream / Jam etc, which is the most suitable matcha ?

There is no absolute answer for this. Normally for making matcha food, we should use culinary or kitchen grade matcha because it has stronger flavor, all of them can be used to make matcha food. 

In general Matcha has high matcha fragrance and strong flavor is best for food preparation. our Meiko Uji Matcha has good matcha fragrance and strong flavor, it's good for all kind of food application.

In order to know which kitchen grade matcha is the most suitable, you need to try on your own recipe, every recipe has its best matcha. Besides, it also greatly depend on your personal taste, some prefer more bitterness, while some prefer less bitterness.


2. Which is best matcha ?

Before answering this question, we need to know what is your application.

For making pure matcha tea, we should pick matcha with high sweetness, good aroma and low bitterness. Ceremonial grade is the best matcha.

For making matcha blended drink such as matcha latte, matcha soy milk etc, we should use matcha with stronger flavor with some good sweetness and aroma. Cafe grade matcha is the best matcha for this application.

For making matcha food (baking, dessert), we should use matcha with strong flavor and higher bitterness. We should use kitchen grade matcha. Strong flavor of kitchen grade matcha helps matcha taste to stand out after mixing with other ingredients. Using ceremonial grade matcha for baking is not ideal because ceremonial grade has low bitterness, its flavor can be easily covered by other ingredients.


3. I want to reduce weight, which matcha is suitable?

All matcha has the benefit of helping in weight loss. For weight loss, we recommend drinking matcha tea without adding sugar, therefore ceremonial grade matcha is suitable for this purpose. If you don't mind the strong taste of kitchen grade matcha, you can use them for making matcha tea too.


4. I want to add matcha into my protein shake

Similar rule apply here. If your protein shake has strong taste ( chocolate flavor etc), you should pick something with stronger flavor (Kazumi or Meiko). If your protein shake has milder flavor (Vanilla etc), pick something with milder flavor (Daily Matcha or Shizuoka).


5. When is the expired date?

Matcha doesn't expired, you can still drink it after years. But matcha has its "best taste" date.

Read how to store matcha .


6. Which matcha is good for making mask ?

Because it's not for consumption, therefore the lowest grade is good for making Mask. Our Kazumi Matcha has strong flavor which is good for making Mask. Also, Kazumi is certified Halal by Japan Muslim Association.

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17/12/2016, 03:42:20 PM

Hi, my mum is a cancer patient and i read in the internet that matcha tea is the best in killing cancer cells. Which matcha tea is suitable for cancer?

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